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Learning the art of Creative Writing

Writing isn’t hard, but writing well is a different story altogether.


Just because you can communicate your thoughts and ideas by putting a few sentences together, or you know the difference between then and than, your and you’re, there and their, in no way means that you can write something that is good. 


It’s not easy writing something that has the power to persuade and engage the reader. For example, if you are thinking that who can write my essay for me, you can consult a free essay writer who will guide you about basic essay writing tips.


It’s not easy, sure --- but it doesn’t have to be difficult either.


Learning how to write is similar to learning how to cook --- there are different steps involved that can be learnt and perfected by simply --- practicing.

It is a known fact that good readers make better writers. Don’t just read blogs or articles, expand your horizons discover different material. 


By paying attention to different details like the sentence structure, vocabulary and writing style will help you find your voice and develop your writing skills. 

Forget about writing long sentences trying to reach the word count. Instead, practice making your sentences short and focus on the message. 


Writing long paragraphs will bore the reader and increase the chance of error. 


Experiment with new words and styles, adopt a more conversational tone. And remember to ALWAYS use smooth transitions so the reader can slide from one sentence to the other or one paragraph to the next.

Too many adverbs, description, and adjectives can make your narrative slow as well as your readers will lose interest for sure. It is wiser if you show your readers about the atmosphere, the relationship between characters, and their nature.


It can be shown by telling what the characters are saying, what are they doing and how are they interacting. It is a better way than writing piles of information regarding what your character is telling about certain things. It is a clever and tricky thing to do.


It is significant that you not become obsessive to avoid it.

Follow the above guidelines and become a professional creative writer today.

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